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Charmingly tucked away at the foot of historic Papegaaiberg next to the Plankenbrug River on the western side of Stellenbosch, Bosman’s Crossing is steeped in the splendour of surrounding vineyards, towering mountains and in the art of wine making.

Bearing the resemblance of nineteenth century industrial architecture, lightly touched by modernism to blend the “old” with the “new”, Bosman’s Crossing presents a historic gateway to the winelands of Stellenbosch, making history part of today.

Complemented by an open village square with a place to live, work and relax, Bosman’s Crossing is destined to be one of South Africa’s premier wine tourism, leisure and lifestyle destinations.

Join us as we go back in time to another era where the sound of steam trains whistled through the night, parties were held under the prohibition, and dreams were there to be claimed.

Take a walk up the historical Dorp Street now renamed Distillery Road. Enjoy viewing the eclectic mix of wine, art and suppliers of gourmet food tucked where least expected.

Busman’s Crossing is situated along the Plankenbrug River, at the foot of the Papegaaisberg. This development provides residential, commercial and retail components typical of a village. Bosmans Crossing is designed to be home and office friendly balancing openness and intimacy in a characteristic architectural style.

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