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Bosman’s Crossing offers a picturesque destination amidst heritage and a modern lifestyle with a trading village as the central theme. With a mixture of leisure, residential and office space, it not only offers a place to play, but also to live and work.

The trading village concept paves the way for commercial areas on the ground floor of buildings for tourist shopping, community shopping and craft markets. To further accommodate typical visitor and tourist browsing, a arched village piazza, a river promenade and a cobbled arcade was added. To enhance the industrial ambiance of days gone by, the emphasis is on natural materials, which include elements such as cobbles, sandstone, granite, clay bricks and wood.

This provides an area of leisure, reflecting traditional activities of the Stellenbosch wine lands embraced by the ambience of a village square consisting of restaurants, coffee shops and wine bars, open square and arcade, riverfront boardwalk and bridge, access to the nature reserve, mini museums and a place to honour South Africa’s wine pioneers - a “third place” to meet people and make new friends.

For the outdoors, Papegaaiberg is a stone throw away, with the starting point of the 24-kilometre long Vineyard Hiking Trail, through a series of hills and ridges, through forest plantations, vineyards, olive groves and some of the remaining small remnants of the coastal Renosterveld.

As a mixed-use development with living areas and offices on the first and second floors of buildings, Bosman’s Crossing added a “place to live and work” to a “place to play”.  In pace with the industrial theme, the residential component have a rough but clean lines with open look and feel by making use of wood and natural stone finishes.

  The apartments are modern and minimalist in character with rich natural finishes, and yet provides for all the modern amenities. The apartments are designed away from any traffic and all look out onto areas where interaction with neighbours or day visitors is encouraged. The mood is designed to be friendly and warm with a living areas mixed with loft, duplex and simplex apartments.

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